Notable projects


Most of my recent projects and contributions can be found on my GitHub!
The projects I have contributed to stand as a testimony to my interests and quality of work


Alien Encounter

Capstone Project for Gaming and Simulation Degree. A turn-based multiplayer game for PC where players must work co-operatively to fight off the invading aliens and make their escape. Made in Unity.


A mobile game made for Android designed to recreate The player starts out small but gains mass by absorbing food and other players. Implements the Facebook SDK. Made in Unity.

Interactive Molecules

An interactive WebGL molecule viewer made using three.js for Advanced Topics in Gaming and Simulation. Explore and learn about different molecules in this browser based simulation!

Youtube Queues

Senior project for Software Development Degree. A social platform for users to express their own unique musical tastes by creating and sharing playlists and hosting events by utilizing the YouTube Web API.


A simple UI theme that employs a grid system and various styled helper classes.

Audio Visualizer

An interactive WebGL audio visualizer made using three.js and the HTML5 audio API.

Canvas Clock

A simple JavaScript and HTML5 2d canvas clock.

HRH Radio

Listen to the Hard Rock Heaven radio stream and be immersed in this browser based player which adds realtime album info and cover art syncing!


A custom PHP class that uses PDO for MySQL databases.